Simply snap your fingers and cause a stir in the Crypto Metaverse

Evolving from one of the most active Chinese communities, SnapFingers has integrated various resources from its three independently functional divisions: research team, community, and game guild. The ambition is to maximize impact over the entire blockchain industry through outputs of research and communication.

SnapFingers has now proudly announced that its transformation towards the DAO based on Proof-of-Contribution, an innovative consensus, has been initialized. On this voyage of discovery, SnapFingers will actualize those visionary proposals raised by the community and live up to its name by snapping the fingers and causing a stir in the crypto world.

100 AMA
75 Episodes of SnapFingers TV
11 Panels featuring trending topics
60 Issues of SnapFingers Weekly
5 Issues of SnapFingers Monthly
Dao Community
Twitter 36.7K+ Followers
Discord 21.5K+ Members
Wechat Official Account Subscribers 10K+
Community Distribution
Asia 45%
US 15%
EU 20%
Others 20%

Give the Power to Run SnapFingers Back to the Community Governed by Proof of Contribution

We have found that operating SnapFingers Research, Community, and Guild as a centralized institution is way too limited; therefore, we have decided to fully grant the community with the power to run SnapFingers and to reach its ultimate mission: by our effort, we can cause a stir in the crypto world by simply: SNAPPING FINGERS.

Embark on a Journey with SnapFingers DAO!

Report Collection

The invisible brains behind SnapFingers DAO


Theresa is the Co-founder of Tamago Finance. Throughout her career, she has worked on building the blockchain community, overseas marketing, strategic and financial research, and fixed-income trading.

Prior to Co-founding Tamago Finance, Theresa worked at Omise GoExchange,, BGC Partners, and JP. Morgan. She was also the Co-founder of Blockspaper and SnapFingers and mainly focused on community building.


KK is the Co-founder of Web3Games. KK entered the blockchain industry in 2016 when he started writing smart contracts. Within SnapFingers, KK’s contribution is mainly in the technical perspective. KK is also an active NFT collector.


Henry is the Co-Founder of Assembly Research. As the previous community director of Nervos, he was also the China Lead in Band Protocol and Core Team Member at BoringDAO. Henry joined the industry in 2017 and heavily invested in the primary markets and specialized in blockchain research. Within SnapFingers Research, Henry is the chief entertainment officer. Also as an NFT collector, Henry believes that NFT is a way for us to change the world.


Yaxun is the co-founder of Oneblock. She dedicated on cultivating the developer community; up until now, there are around 10000 developers having joined the Oneblock community. She started the blockchain journey in 2017 and has been working on developer relations building since then. From 2019, she has helped Polkadot build up a 1500+ base of Substrate developers in one year.


Back to the singularity in 2018, Bao, a data guy, found out the traces of the future through those on-chain digits and thus fell into the rabbit hole of blockchain originally as a skeptic. He immediately started to invest in cryptos in secondary markets and then in primary markets with his own co-founded institutions. Growing up watching Matrix and TRON, Bao scented metaverse from Ethereum and spotted NFT as the initial breakthrough bridging real-world and blockchains. Of course, he becomes an NFT aficionado. Within SnapFingers Research, Bao takes charge of the innovation. He holds that creating something from nothing is fascinating.


Sean runs TopoBlock, a crypto-centric marketing company. Sean started working in crypto in 2020 & devoted most of his time to Ethereum based projects. As a content creator, Sean built a video channel with more than 100,000 views in Bilibili. Sean is also a contributor to, responsible for advancing the Chinese community.


Poppy entered the blockchain field in 2017 with a background in engineering. She is now the head of investment at Infinity Labs. Within SnapFingers, Poppy is the host of SnapFingers TV and has interviewed quite a lot of popular projects in different sectors of blockchain. Also, by dedicating her investment experience, she contributes to drafting the SnapFingers Monthly primary market section.


With a background in lab science, Benjamin entered blockchain in 2020. As a primary market researcher, Benjamin focused on exploring gems projects and investing in the primary markets. He has been involved in investing in the Graph, OXY, and MyNeighborAlice. Within SnapFingers, Benjamin focuses on researching the DeFi, GameFi, and NFT sectors, looking for projects with great potentials for the SnapFingers DAO.


Kiro entered the blockchain field in 2017 and specialized in project marketing and operations. She has previously worked for TokenClub (TCT, acquired by Binance) and BlockArk, responsible for operations and branding. At SnapFingers, Kiro mainly focuses on NFT and GameFi research as well as projects marketing and user growth.


Lisa entered the blockchain industry during the ICO wave and participated in EOS, 0x, and Link. During the market downturn period from 2018-2019, she successfully identified gems projects such as Enjin and HOLO. Lisa is able to capture the core messages and values when there is so much information going around. Within SnapFingers, she makes a significant contribution to SnapFingers Weekly and Monthly reports. Lisa is also an early adopter of NFT and a collector.


Hobart joined the blockchain industry in 2017 with a background in secondary market analysis and trading. He specialized in market trend analysis, industry sector analysis, and altcoin trading strategies. He participated in the EOS ICO wave and he has also participated in Defi projects at the very early stage. Within SnapFingers, he contributes to the macro market analysis, trendy sector prediction, and the secondary market strategies for major coins and altcoins.


Zimmer entered the blockchain field in 2016 when he was still in college. With a background in engineering, he is a real "scientist" in the blockchain. Zimmer specialized in community and user growth and he is the early contributor to Persistence, Stratos, and BoringDAO. Zimmer is a DeFi farmer, active GameFi guild organizer and a believer in DAO's potential to revolutionize the way of work in the future.


Ryan entered the blockchain industry in 2017 and got his first Ethereum and he also participated in the EOS ICO wave. Ryan focuses on investing in DeFi and he believes in identifying gems projects and high potential sectors, being long-term holder and supporting the ecosystem. He has a background in mathematical finance and is a huge fan of Axie Infinity and the NFTs.


Iris entered the blockchain industry in 2018 and specialized in business development and operation. Iris has previously worked for Hotbit for more than two years and she is a long-term holder of BTC, ETH, and Dot. At Snapfingers, Iris has made contributions to English Weekly Reports and interviewed popular projects in the SanpFingers panel.

Tina Zhang

Tina is the founding team of NEST LABS. Coming from the background of leading blockchain media Winkrypto, she has 4+ years of experience in blockchain. Tina specializes in the marketing and branding of blockchain projects and was the head of marketing at Starwin Capital and Biger Exchange. Within SnapFingers, Tina mainly contributes to user growth strategies.


Laura is the founder of Grenade Lab and the BD & Operations of FTX. Laura entered the blockchain industry in 2018 and she dedicates to expanding the crypto community in Taiwan. She has helped popular projects such as AscendEX, FTX and Avalanche to enter the Taiwanese market. Before setting up Grenade, Laura was also the relationship manager of Evernew Capital. She mainly focuses on identifying gems projects in the primary market.


Recently, Williams is busy with something impossible in DeFi space to help people learn, discover and invest in crypto opportunities.

He Joined the crypto space in 2017. Previously he worked at Nervos in marketing since 2019. As a degen scoring more than 750 in Degen Score somehow, blockchain has been almost everything in his life. Out of personal interest, he was also a main editor of a DeFi weekly paper on Chainews from 2019. As a Dao enthusiast, that's why right now he is in SnapFingers and EM3 Dao.